Monday 12 May 2008

Twist and turn

Changes again for Auntie. It’s becoming like a soap opera, a new twist in the plot everyday. The fact that Tony Wu wants to play the father turns the whole project upside down. They searching for the right actress to play the mother. Not much time left. Everyone is freaking out. The current find is Pan Lili, and TV actress a singer who’s fairly well known in Taipei and at least, who looks the part. They’re talking with her agent. But I fear the budget will stop them from taking her. Yen even thinks of playing the part himself. In the midst of this mayhem, I try to bring some stability in writing the best music I can.
I spent the afternoon at the studio yesterday to play the five songs I have written to Yu-Gou. We did a rough recording so he can have the melodies and work on the lyrics. I shall see the musicians later this week and start recording the string and piano parts this week end so I can elaborate the arrangements.
This forced trip to Hong Kong doesn’t come at the best of time. Five days are precious. I even think I won’t go to Singapore in June. I live my life day by day and don’t even try to think ahead. Any plan I may have take on another shape as soon as a new element is brought in. So why try to decide. I know what I have to do, and will know what to do if anything happens. The death of my uncle reminds me how little we know, and how little we can actually do. But at least, I want to bring some joyfulness in any little thing I do. In the light of what is going in the world, any sprkle of joy and happiness is welcome.
I did feel a little earthquake yesterday at around 2:25 in the afternoon. A friend asked me if that scared me, since in France we’re quite safe when it comes to natural disasters. It was later that I learned about the tragedy in China. The government, as so many times, whatever the country, underestimated the danger and could not warn the population in time. The death toll has risen up to 10.000 already with thousands more buried under the ruins of collapsed houses, factories and schools.
What is happening in Asia?

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