Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New Year preparation

Been to the flower market this morning with my cousin to bring back colours and vegetation in the house for the New Year. Sunflowers, cherry blossom, peach blossom, carnation, roses, chrysanthemums, yellow, red, pink, white… 
This morning was the last opportunity before everything closes for two or three days. Silly me for I forgot to bring my camera. I actually thought we would just go to a shop. But my cousin took me to a big garden in the centre of the city. It wasn’t the main flower market, but it was already quite packed. Everyone was leaving with their motorbike loaded with oversized plants. It was a miracle that they’d manage to ride back home without leaving a petal or a leaf on the street. But that’s another wonder of the people here. Always finding a way. I’m thinking about that giant aquarium last week…
Now everything is ready for lunar new year!

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