Saturday 22 September 2007

Taiwanese mix

I’m learning Chinese!!!
I bought a method for beginners the other when we visited the publisher. So many of my Asian friends speak Chinese and I will have to go to Chinese speaking countries more and more. That is a very good decision indeed.

Yesterday’s music afternoon with Julia was fantastic. We were both in very good vocal shape and in an excellent mood. I’m so delighted to see all the progress I’m making.
The therapeutic wonders of singing!


All my Taiwanese friends were there for the Hou Hsiao Hsien cine-party at the Divans du Monde. We were quite tired from partying all night yesterday. But this cosy and friendly atmosphere beamed on everyone tonight.
I preferred what Lim Giong and his V-jay friend did this time although I had to leave before the end – it was running for more than three hours... But having all these screens around us was magical.
We had Zenzou tea and some Taiwanese delicacies.
I really think this venue would be perfect for my next concerts, especially if we can use all the screens. The sound is quite good. The stage is somehow a bit small, but there are lots of possibilities. I shall give the artistic director a little call next week.

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