Monday 17 September 2007

J'y étais

Brief meeting with Maria-Cristina in a smoky café near the Place de la Nation. The weather suddenly has turned autumn-like overnight. It is now cold and rainy when still yesterday, everyone was soaking in the warmth of the sun.
Maria-Cristina told me more about her triptych project. It will consist in two short plays by playwright Kebir M. Ammi, Alger la Blanche and Voci dal Silenzio as well as a video installation entitled J’y étais’ (I was there), which she had previously presented in Cagliari, Sardinia  as a part of a whole performing art project, ‘I colori dell’estasi’.
I am to write the music for the two plays. It didn’t take me long to feel what was necessary. I will keep on my work on choirs and voices and also use an Indian singer.
The short running time of the plays ask for something simple and immediate. The themes that Kebir M. Ammi has developed in these plays will not call for much laughing, yet Maria and I do not want to indulge in extreme seriousness.
The singing will thus bring the audience some emotional relief. Music is hardly well used as a dramatic element in theatre for much of the focus is whether made on the text, the acting, or the director’s ego. Maria-Cristina is one of the few rare ones I know who hasn’t fallen into that tempting trap.
I will contact this Indian lad she has told me about and start working on the music.
The dates in Cagliari are not settled. We will have to wait until the end of the month to get a final answer.

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