Saturday, 13 August 2005

In Zürich

Techno beat thumping loudly from every street corner since this morning. From very quiet and clean, Zürich has turned into a wild outdoor club for the Street Parade.
At the moment, the music sounds like somebody desperately trying to get his tractor started as the church bells are ringing for the vespers maybe as an ultimate outdated effort to lead the people back to the right direction.
Not really different from the Gay Pride, although there is broader diversity of people, young people, old people, children, gays, Goths, drag queens, exotic creatures, a showcase of naked flesh or flaming coloured outfits ranging from hilarious to silly. This arrogant display of youth is arousing – I caught myself yearning for my young days, but people here are friendly and radiate a positive energy.

Now everyone in the house is sleeping, certainly gathering energy for a late night party at some club, for me the first since my joyous evenings at Air with Nolico.

Yesterday Marco organized a barbecue on the terrace for Simon, but the weather chose to play tricks on us, showcasing a beautiful sunny blue sky the whole day, and an army of dark clouds just when we started setting the table on the terrace. It suddenly rained hard when everybody was ready to eat, and of course stopped when all of us had brought the food back inside. The scenario repeated itself many times, but didn’t manage to spoil our pleasure.


Clubbing at the Volkstheater was fine, but the Dj was far from good, limiting himself to a mere monotonous techno beat with obvious breaks and no rhythm changes. I guess the best ever are still the ones I heard at Air in Tokyo. And where was Trevor Jackson?
I came back before everyone else. I’ve danced my ass off for a whole hour and a half, getting less and less space to move as time passed. I don’t pride myself to be able to dance the whole night through anymore. And the crap music put me off. 
I could see on the way home that Zürich was returning to its original state of clean and quiet. The streets were still dotted with colours and littered with broken glass and trampled cans, some people were squatting or lying down on the pavement. Soon the cleaning squad will perform their magic and the Street Parade will only be a blurred and confused memory, now washed away by the rain.

Those days in Zürich will have had their effect. I managed to cool down and tone up my mind and body. Three more days to go, certainly quietly if the rain decides to stay.

I got news from Jo Kanamori’s assistant, who told me I will be staying in a hotel about ten minutes by bike from the theatre. A bike! That will keep me in shape. Now they want a bio and a photo of me.
Which one shall I choose?

Simon sleeping

During the Love Parade

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