Friday 1 May 2020


One thing which is allowed during lockdown is to go help people in need : sick, old or disabled. 
My singing teacher Julia is a 81 year-old lady who's been living all my herself since her second husband left her. All her time and energy since then had been dedicated to her students. With this lockdown, solitude can be lethal to the elderly. Our past conversations on the phone had me deeply worried. Even though she claimed she was more or less managing "Pre-WWII quality" she likes to say, I could barely feel her usual energy. So I decided to come and help. Cleaning, vacuuming her flat (that was badly needed), but most of all, offer her some company, a physical presence in the house, lift up her spirits.
The person who opened the door to me was not the same person I said goodbye to a few hours later and I was relieved to see her come alive again, smile and regain a bit of her former self. (Her two cats were also very glad to see me, and would come meowing at me)
Good state of mind = good health.
Next will be my parents. Why did I wait so long... I guess I wanted to be sure I was in perfectly good health myself. And I surely also needed some time off myself.

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