Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Film scoring...

Ròm, Thưa mẹ con đi (Goodbye Mother), Be Water, Asa ga kuru (Comes Morning): I finally registered all the music I composed this past year for those four films at the SACEM (French Composers Society), track by track.
It's a fastidious task, as every single piece has to be named and registered separately (half a day for each film score!). 
I have to say that I'm globally quite happy with what I have written, particularly for Ròm. I'm quite satisfied that I could tap in my inspiration for the other films as well, considering the conditions, restrictions, demands, lack of time, challenges of all sorts from the directors. It's still a miracle to me. If asked, I wouldn't remember exactly how it happened. It just came like a storm and I ... juggled!
I recall reading about Stevenson who said that it wasn't him but elves in him who came during the night to knit all his stories together, that art for him, was to wake up, grab pen and paper to catch them before they fade away. 

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