Monday 12 January 2015

Thin Ice - Shooting: Day One

Twelfth night of January. First day of shooting with Jan completed. Zed of course was my faithful director of photography, he and Jan got along handsomely. The selected song was Thin Ice, a more introspective track which is a big step away from his usual musical and vocal firework. Maybe Jan was getting tired of running away – or around from himself artistically and wanted to make clearer statement creatively.
I used two simple visual leitmotives for his video: one of him walking backward in various spots of the city and the other is a succession of shots where the camera is literally flying toward his chest to pierce through him and find him standing at another spot and repeat the same movement. The images will be desaturated then tinted in postproduction. We shot the scenes in a tunnel under a highway bridge not far from my flat, in small backstreet alleys and corridors in MRT stations. I showed Jan the first footages and he seemed very excited about what’s to come. At 11pm, we were both ripe for a good sleep.

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