Friday, 5 December 2014

Gone guy

It took me a certain time to really understand what Jason was telling me, but it eventually made sense. Lucus had succumbed to a cancer which took his life at lightning speed. At first, when Jason told me that Lucus had ‘passed away in Taipei’, I chose to understand that it was a mistake and that another friend of his, named Lukas had come to Taipei. Then I saw the picture. There was no more confusion possible. It was Lucus and he was no longer among us. Lucus had indeed complained of strong stomach aches,  but as usual in that case, we all - consciously or unconsciously? Thought they would go, and were due to his heavy workload. He was indeed a workaholic – interior designer, he was, overwork comes with the package.

I thought of it as I was lying in bed. Lucus and I weren’t close friends, but we always would have a pleasant time together. He would always call me on his way to Taipei – he was living in Taichung. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see him the past year. One cannot be there and everywhere. The sadness is for us to bear.

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