Thursday 19 June 2014

To Australia

I really truly believed that I would never get to go to Australia in this lifetime, not for lack of interest. In my head going to Australia seemed as remote from me as a trip to Mars. Unless there was a project, I didn't see how that would happen. And I had no connection with anybody in Australia...
Meng Yu, the artistic director of the National Theatre called me one day to discuss the flights to Düsseldorf for the Internationale Tanzmesse, and announced to me that I would have to go to Australia. This came as a surprise. What on earth would I do in Australia? The mystery last lopng: über-busy Huang Yi would be working all summer in Australia on a new dance project with two local companies and would not have the time to return to Taipei to rehearse on Double Yellow Line. The only solution was to fly Hu Chien and I to Australia... According to MengYu, there was enough budget for that. 
The piece of news delighted me. It took me some time to let it sink in. I could hardly believe it. Karen used to say: "Be careful of what you wish, for the universe will conspire to make it happen!".
But going to Australia meant that the summer would not be a idle time... 

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