Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Magic says

Another miracle happened. I had sent my friend Alvin from Hong Kong a new year message. He saw my photos taken in Japan and asked me how things were. I naturally told him about PLAY 2 PLAY and how I considered that piece to be my best work. 

"When will you do another performance? I really want to see it!"
I gave him the dates of the performances in Yokohama.  
"Will you be there?"
"I would like to. Trying to find the finances."
"Let me see my schedule... Grrrr. I can't go. I have to be there for my new nephew's full moon dinner and be with my family for the Chinese New Year reunion."
"Of course you cant'!" I said.
"Why do you say that?" 
"Because it's too close to Chinese New New Year, because you work a lot, because the ticket must be pricey..."
"Not really. I have miles..."
"Give them to me then!!!" 
"That's what I wanted to say. I can get you a flight ticket."
"I was joking. I can't ask you to do that"
"I'm serious, lar. And you didn't ask me."
"Why would you do that? You should keep the miles for yourself, travel and enjoy yourself!"
"Because we are friends and you go to attend the show for me."
"You have me speechless now... I'm really touched. Really, really touched..."
"Don't be silly! Also because you're a talented person. I want to support art creation."
"I'm a lucky person. Thank you. It's so meaningful to me."
"My pleasure indeed..."

Ma vie est un conte de fée.

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