Tuesday 5 November 2013

Sleepless in Taipei

Nearly two weeks to recover from the jet lag. Going (back) East is always more tiring for me. Since I could hardly sleep on the plane - which resulted in me watching five films in a row and taking care of the little sick girl sitting next to me, lack of sleep accumulated, the four hours of fragmented sleep every night were largely insufficient. 
The nights are lonely. I wish for a presence near me. Having seen family and friends for five weeks and finding myself alone again triggers that impression of void. I don't miss Isaac, but I fondly remember how comforting it was to sleep by his side. I haven't heard from William. I gather he has not talked to his boyfriend and therefore, there is no point in seeing him, unless I want to start the whole cycle again. A conversation with a long lost lover one night pushed me deeper in the well. 
The one thing I enjoy is to wake up with the birds and start working on my music when everybody else is sleeping. Time and space belong to me and everything is possible. 
Shang-Shin is still casting the female lead before shooting of his film begins in two weeks. Edwin Gerard, a model turned TV actor has been cast as the half American the busking singer in search of his Taiwanese mother. I wrote a song for him and have to train him vocally everyday. Progress is visible day after day. 
I didn't think much about models doing anything else, but I was glad to discover a young man with the desire to learn and do more. We set him to do a recording of the song he has to sing in the film but he won't be ready. He deep and raspy voice needs more practise, but I'm confident he'll do well eventually. Now more and more in demand, he's go to fly to Nanjing and stay there two weeks for the shooting of a TV drama. Time is tight and Shang-Sing has to handle everybody's schedule, not even knowing if the production company will validate the project in the end! I don't envy his position. But if I want to be a director at some point, I will have to go through that as well... 

First night of non stop sleep last night. I couldn't believe it!

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