Sunday, 6 October 2013

Loitering with intent

Sunday afternoon. My father had gone out to attend a concert by an orchestra that wishes to commission a piece from him. I stayed home with my mother. The weather was changeable, at time sunny, at time cloudy or windy. I take that time to have long talks with my mother. When stimulated, her mind doesn't forget and we have very interesting conversations. 
Being here in Paris, my mission is to refresh the energy and bring her and my dad to do things they wouldn't normally do. The reading for her book has been very beneficial for her state of mind. I would like her to feel proud and happy about what she does, and fully acknowledge the achievement. In the past eight years, this was the third book she has published. When I laid them down on the table, she had to agree and she smiled broadly. 
"I never want to boast about what I do, you know..." 

The afternoon went by. My father had suggested that I took my mother for a walk along the river. I nodded, but didn't want it to be a chore. I waited for the right timing. And it came. 
"Let's go out for a walk" I told her. Usually slow to get ready, she had her coat on within a minute.
"Where shall we go?" she asked
"I would say along the river?"
"I have seen enough of that river. It's always the same thing! Why don't we walk to the city hall and buy some cake?"
"I'm afraid at this hour the pastry shops are now closed. And with these new laws not allowing people to work too late or on Sundays, we won't find anything...."
We walked along the river. A daily walk would be ideal for her. Now a physically lazy person, she doesn't like to exercise. 
"But I go up and down the stairs at least six times a day!!!"
It was around five o'clock. We stopped to have a close look at flowers tree leaves and mushrooms. 
"We don't take time to watch anything" my mother mused. 
I took a few pictures of the landscape: the river meandering against a cloudy sky as the sun goes down. Simple but superb. 
"I may have seen it over and over, but I always forget how beautiful it is! I want that photo!!!" my mother exclaimed.
We came reached home just when the little rain became a rain storm. My father was already home. He had bought a few cakes on his way back. I could feel my mother was rejuvenated and happy about the walk. 
Mission accomplished!

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