Tuesday 13 November 2012

Patrick Wolfe

I didn't know much about Patrick Wolfe except for a couple of songs which happen to be in my i-Pod, but Jan insisted that I joined him. As a fan, it was essential for him to convert other friends. I was in Paris, why not seize the chance? The concert was to take place at the Café de la Danse.
"Patrick Wolfe is going to perform where Aaken once performed!" Jan said in a joke. My last concert at the Café de la Danse? in 2006... Ages ago!
"His new album is a reworking of his best songs in an acoustic orchestration. It's beautiful." Jan chimed. He was accompanied by another one of his friend - even more devoted than he was, who was ready to buy all the new releases or re-releases if he was to find any.
My cousin Nina came as well. Jan and Nina, my favourite people, a perfect evening in perspective. 
If I didn't know Patrick Wolfe's songs, I quickly got into his music. A giant of a man, he would clumsily move accross the stage, and played on ridiculously small instruments. But the man was so touching in his vulnerability and passion, it was hard to resist the invitation to join him in his world. Watching him just gave me the itch to be back on stage.
It had been ages since I last went to a concert where 95% of the audience were die hard fans. There was something moving, being surrounded by all these young kids. Everything now reminds me of my younger years...
A delicious young singer opened the concert: Abi Wade. We all wondered who that person was, where that name came from.
"Abi Wade... That could be African!!!" Jan suggested.
No she was a pure British product - with a voice that reminded me of Regina Spektor. It was just her and her cello, but the music was fresh and witty. 
When I'm done with Thanh Giong, I'll look for concert venues.

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