Thursday, 2 August 2012

Coming to the light

After an excrutiatingly long month of waiting, the music video of Nothing Comes to Light is finally ready for the showing. Zed was busy with the pre-production of a new film, so I had to count the days patiently. Did I really think this would a significant step? Why was I so eager? Of course, this was my first attempt at directing, the song was a meaningful one to me. And I wanted to share that. The timing was maybe not right: summertime would mean that most of the people I know in Europe would be on holiday. From that front, my intuition didn't fail me. Apart from Julia and a few close friends, no one from my dear homeland of France really responded. Even less from the family (sigh and double sigh) with the notable exception my dear father who wrote a short message full of praise - he is so happy to be able to communicate directly with me with his tablet without depending on the secretarilian services of his spouse.
"Your mother says it's beautiful, but it's too sad!!!" he added as a post-scriptum.
As usual, I was foolishly more affected by the obvious indifference I saw from many friends. But what did  I expect? What I hold dear may only be a mundane fact to others. It's a painful trap to give too much meaning to anything. Oh, the desire to be acknowledged in this world!
Indeed... nothing comes to light. But the light my friends gave me is priceless. Thank you!

Nothing Comes To Light

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