Wednesday 16 May 2012

Bévinda in Taipei I

Bévinda in Taipei. The idea didn't seem real to me. But not surprising. She's one who isn't afraid to jump and see what happens next.
"I wanted to spend a couple of weeks so we can work on our album". It was the right time, she had received a bit of money from her royalties so she didn't waste time and bought a ticket.
And the sight of her at the airport didn't struck me as odd. I guess with the kind of life I lead now, I adjust to any any new situation. She was there, I was happy. The first person from my inner circle of friends and family to come to Taipei.
She felt at home immediately. The near by temples and night market enchanted her. She had been travelling a lot, working as a guide in Nepal for instance, when she would take some time off her music. She even had been coming to Korea a few times. She's quite famous there apparently, to the point that her songs were used for commercials and a TV drama in which she also appeared, albeit as a singer in a club.
She was lucky, it was a sunny day, none too hot. I was happy to speak French and have a friend from Paris in Taipei.

Sebastian invited us to a tribute concert to Li Tai-Hsiang, a renowned Taiwanese composer, famous for many songs he wrote in the early 80's, which have now become classics. I played a few of them on the piano during ChingYao's singing classes, so I was glad to already be familiar with some of the repertoire. 
Li Tai-Hsiang was present for the concert. He came in a wheelchair, with his wife next to him. Aged 72 now, he had been battling the Parkinson disease for the past twenty years already, but would still keep on composing. So courageous and so humbling to see him. He delivered a short speech - he couldn't speak too long, his voice was very weak, contrary to the 
The audience applauded with so much enthusiasm at the end, that he he got carried away and wanted to stand up and sing the encore song with the artists. Everybody was cheering and moved to tears. 
I am glad I could be part of this unique event.
Sebastian and his dancer friend Rei then decided to have a snack, so we went to the Shida night market. I was happy Bévinda have the opportunity to dive to have a taste of the local life here, far away from tourists attractions.
"I want to see the 101 Tower, though..." 
"You will, you will..."

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