Monday, 23 April 2012


Darien has just asked me to model for Manhunt. Manhunt? I vaguely recalled that it was a model agency. Or was it the Manhunt competition in Singapore? No... Certainly not that.
"A photo shoot", Darien said. "Topless, jeans. Fratboy style."
Me topless??? Young and muscular guys are not a rare good here in Taipei and I know many who would do that so willingly... And fratboy style???
"I think you'll be perfect for that"
Why not give it a try... Remember: "Plant many eggs!"
That shooting could be a good preparation for my project with Norm Yip.


Darien came back from his lunch to give me more information. I completely misunderstood what the whole photo shoot was about. Manhunt is actually a gay dating website!
Just a glimpse at it and I knew that I wouldn't be doing it. Just my imagination, running away with me (again)...

Lee Byung-Hun in my dreamless nights


  1. Hey what are you up to? it's been a month you do not update your blog here. Good luck, have a nice day.

  2. Wow, you're the first person to ever leave a comment!!! yes, I have been quite busy doing music, natürlich, not so much in the mood to put my thoughts into word... I'm getting at it again today. Thanks for your interest and concern!!!