Thursday 8 March 2012

A photo exhibition

I was waiting for ChienWei in an Italian café located in the student area near YongKang street. We set out appointment at 3pm. I had just arrived. A few minutes early (for once!) The place was full, so the waiter told me to sit on one of the high stools by the counter. I had a look around me. Photographs on the wall. People, faces, landscapes...
Why shouldn't I? It seemed like a natural resolution of all these years travelling and taking pictures. I called the waiter.
"Can you tell me what is required to do an exhibition in your café?"
The waiter called the owner who standing nearby. He said it was quite simple and easy, but that the place was booked until this summer.
Before I started saying anything, a little voice told me to simply state that I was a photographer and not start telling him about the intricate paths of my life. 
"I'm a photographer and I would like to make an exhibition in your café".
"No problem!"
It was so easy? I couldn't believe my ears.
"I will give you the link of a little website of my work"
The owner smiled and said he was interested.
Yes why not??? Many friends had been pushing me to do something with my photographies. Before Jay left for Paris, he was asking himself what he could find for his 11 year-old nephew (and godson) for a present. We went to a few shops but he didn't find anything which inspired him. As we were eating in a beef noodle restaurant, Jay said that his nephew was very much interested in architecture and wanted to redecorate his room.
"Maybe we could have a look at my pictures, select a dozen of them and print them for him. I have been to so many places around the world. It could be nice for him"
Jay immediately welcomed the idea. We browsed through all my pictures. Taipei, Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, Calcutta and Paris. Jay was very happy and almost certain that he had something quite unique for his nephew. When I saw the prints, I discovered something new about those pictures I knew so well. Seeing them on a computer screen does not do them justice at all!!!
A photo exhibition is a natural step. Photography has always been so present in my life and work. The reaction to my photos has even been more positive than to my music!

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