Sunday 5 June 2011

Another grand day out

Nicolas is leaving in three days, so I took him to JiuFen. He knew how enthusiastic I had been when I came back from that grand day out with Xiao, and I wanted to share with him.
This stay in Taipei has been extremely fruitful for him, to the point that he has decided to come back and settle for good!

I was slightly apprehensive about his staying at my place, considering our fiery and volcanic past. Whether he changed a lot or made a huge effort to control himself - or maybe simple, I, too, have changed, but having him around was very pleasant. It felt so good to speak French again!!!

Nicolas loved JiuFen. I also took him to Jinguashin, just like we did with Xiao the week before. This time we had more time and climbed up to the remain of a Japanese temple. The view was fantastic and we melted like ice under a scorching sun.

Remains of an old Japanese temple,
on the height of Jinguashin

It was a special moment I really wanted to share with Nicolas. We didn't really have time to go out of Taipei together. I asked whether he wanted some other friends to join but he said no, which turned out to be a good decision. I'll always have the time to come back.
Indeed, I should take some time myself to go breathe a different air, away from the city.
As if all this walking we did wasn't enough, we walked home from Main Station.
We came back home, completely exhausted, but happy.

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