Sunday 19 September 2010

Sissy isn't my middle name

A typhoon named Fanopi was right on Taipei the past two days. Heavy rain and strong wind first. Then wind only. I ventured out to go to the gym and see my Izac. The gym, as many other shops, was closed. 
The typhoon had torn many branches off their tree. Some signboards had fallen off to the ground. It was still blowing very strongly as I was walking on the street to Izac’s flat. The streets were deserted.
"Sissy isn't my middle name", I had told Izac on the phone. 
Now I was having second thoughts. Safety is a good thing as well!

Izac was busy working on a his project to present to some of the architecture schools in which he wishes to enrol.
I only stayed for a hour or so before braving the storm outside again.
I wouldn't do that for everyone!

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