Wednesday 13 January 2010

Back to Paris

Stop over in Bangkok. A waiting lounge full with blond haired travellers returning to Amsterdam from their vacation in Thailand. Most of them were in their t-shirts and flip-flops, obviously still forgetful of the cold that they left and which would greet them again…
I was hoping to see an Asian face among them, to prolong this four month stay in Asia a little more, to discard the fact that this was ending now. My final return to Paris as a Parisian!
The reality of my return to France hasn’t yet hit me, nor did the reality of my decision to leave my dear old Parisian flat and relocate in Taipei. I’m an old cuckoo bird that finally has to jump out of its nest, after having exhausted all possibilities.
The thought that I will no longer have to try so hard to be integrated in the French world is a relief. It may be a very familiar world which I know, love, appreciate and understand certainly much better than many 'true' French people. I am like an adopted son who finds his real parents and has to bid farewell to his adoptive ones. But I will always have this love for France in me. 

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