Monday 4 May 2009


Everything falls into place. I will be going away from September to December. I don’t know whether I should be coming to Chicago first then fly to Taipei. Dates and place are not settled. A lot of surprises may cross my path in the meantime.
My life as a nomad will resume soon.

Had Alo and Tsuyoshi yesterday for what was supposed to be a cinema club night. But it turned out that we got carried away in our discussions and we had to admit that watching a film would not fit the mood. Alo was very excited about the projects I am working on. He’s ready to help and do his best. I welcome help. For too long have I been this lonely hunter who believed that no one could understand or relate to him. I indulged being an alien.
For the past month, this attitude has shifted and made way to a healthier and more constructive one. Enough of this misunderstood artist drama! If I conceive it, I will achieve it.
But something went wrong in the course of the evening. Something sour. I talked too much. Conversations are pleasant and enjoyable when there is a real exchange. This time, I turned it into a show about me, myself and my great ideas. Alec Guinness tells it very wittily when, during some dinners at friends’ place, he realizes he has been talking too much. But there’s no stopping him.
No one is immune to some mishap. I take pride in being a good host, but there was something compelling I couldn’t resist. Something was turning sour in my life.

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