Friday, 27 March 2009

Cello man II

Jon didn’t lie. Steven, the cellist was this giant of a musician, in both senses of the term. He immediately got what I wanted to do and expressed his pleasure at working with us. As soon as he entered the room, I felt the instant urge to tease him and he immediately responded with lots of wit. That set the mood of the session.
I got up this morning at six to pen down the arrangement of I am. It’s now a delicious piece of music for cello and piano. I haven’t sorted out the melody yet. But it’s most likely that Karen will not use the arrangement. We had a half heated, half humorous discussion. She wanted the music to be ‘happy’ for the lyrics were about a celebration of the self. Yet Scalde’s composition was at best meditative, at worse hopelessly sad. Its slowness and cinematic feel would make it the perfect soundtrack for a road movie. But that was not what Karen had in mind, even if she liked the music. "It's a celebration", she kept repeating. 
So this new arrangement will not be used…  I will lose no time to come up with a new melody and new lyrics of my own.
I hope to have the opportunity to work again with Steven. So far, all the musicians Jon called in for the recording were as talented as they were nice.

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